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             Warranty conditions

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Payment Options:

- at our online store www.askona.com.cy 

* Our online store www.askona.com.cy has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the transactions security while processing credit card payments. All credit card holders are subject to credit card authorization control.

- Payment by bank transfer

Bank details:


Dealrose Ltd

Limassol Av. 5, 2112, Nicosia, Cyprus



Payment receipt can be sent by email: askonacyprus@askona.com.cy

 - payment can be settled by debit/credit card at our store in Limassol (15 Spyrou Kyprianou Str., P.C. 4040 ) or Nicosia (5 Limassol Ave, P.C. 2112).

Delivery Options:

Orders are accepted concerning delivery of products solely within the borders of the Republic of Cyprus. However, in case of product orders from other countries, courier services where the products shall be delivered have to be referred to by the customer/user. Orders are processed within the eight hour working day (9:00-17:00), except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

All shipment hours are regulated unilaterally by Dealrose LTD or by the partner courier company followed by the relevant notification of the customer. In case the customer is not able to receive the shipment on a specified date and/or at specified time, the courier company defines a new delivery date with the relevant notification of the customer. Partly delivery of single products from the order may be possible, provided it has been agreed with the customer.

In case the access to the delivery address provided by the customer/user is hardly accessible for the delivery company/agency transport (i.e. a truck) or there is a restricted access for transport of the courier company/agency, please provide us with all the relevant information when placing the order, so that we may take all the necessary measures. In case no such information has been provided, the courier company/agency has the right to deliver the products to the nearest accessible area or to impose additional charge on the customer/user for the delivery of the products up to the pavement of the entrance.

The products are delivered to the customer's apartment. However, in case the products cannot be lifted upstairs onto the required floor, crane lifting shall be arranged at the customer's own expense.

**Products assembly and hard lifting are payable separately! (1 product assembly = 50Euro)

*** Delivery period: 2 - 5 days subject to work load (provided the product is available in the local warehouse)

Monday - Friday

Paphos, Limassol: 08:00 - 15:00 / Nicosia, Larnaca: 09:00 - 15:00

**** Delivery during weekends or in the evening is payable by the customer (100 Euro )

***** In case the customer is not available to receive the goods, the second delivery is performed at the customer's own expense (40 Euro)

Order fulfillment deadline:

The delivery period of products and services is specified in the order and is subject to availability. It is confirmed upon the acceptance of the order on behalf of the company and constitutes at least sixty (60) working days from the moment of the order preparation if products are in stock, unless otherwise agreed by the parties and confirmed in writing via electronic correspondance. In case such period is not agreed or confirmed for some reason as specified above, the delivery shall be performed the latest within sixty (60) working days if items are in stock from the moment of acceptance of the order and product preparation.

Cancellation Policy:

Should you wish to cancel your order, please contact us within 24 hours using one of the below options.

Returm Policy:

You may return new products that have not been opened or damaged (checked by the authorised department of our company) within 14 days from the day of the delivery, in order to be entitled to money refund. Moreover, in case the products are returned as a result of the company's failure (i.e., a damaged product has been received), any transportation expenses concerning the return are compensated by the company. In any other cases, any additional transportation charges shall be imposed on the customer.

Should you wish to return the product, please contact us using one of the below options:

Telephone: +(357) 220 00 750/ +(357) 250 00 340 / email  askonacyprus@askona.com.cy 

We shall contact you from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 till 17:00.

*Unfotunately, returns of personalized products (with adapted dimensions), as well as linen with opened packaging (i.e., bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow or mattress covers, etc.)  are not accepted.

Provided all the return terms and conditions are complied with, the relevant amount of money for the products will be refunded in the same way as the payment was performed. 

In case of goods return with no damage responsibility on the part of the seller, the customer is responsible for delivering the goods to the warehouse (at Anatoliko Industrial Zone, Paphos) or to the store as coordinated with the seller, at his own expense. 

Alternatively, additional payment of 40 Euro can be made for delivering the products to the warehouse. The precise amount is discussed upon the return confirmation.

Damaged product return:

Upon receiving the products, the customer is responsible for checking the packaging exterior and for making sure that no external or more important damage have been caused to the product. In case of any product damage, the consumer is entitled to refuse the receipt of the product and to return it to the courier, to receive the product upon signing a declaration of the contents safekeeping or to contact the company's support department within fourteen (14) calendar days by filling out the agreement withdrawal form or by sending a written application. Upon the expiry of the specified period, the consumer is no longer entitled to any of the above.

In case any damaged part of the product is revealed by the consumer during its unpacking at his residence, the consumer shall contact the company's support department and not to proceed with the product assembly in case of any internal damage, so that the delivery of the damaged part can be arranged accordingly. Moreover, the original package of the product shall be kept.