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Grether & Wells is a collection of American luxury mattresses from a well-known premium brand, which was founded in 1859 in California by construction engineer John Wells. World-famous American hotel chains like Hyatt, Radisson and Hilton are amongst the buyers of these high-quality mattresses. Every third American millionaire sleeps on one of them, and famous movie stars include them in their mandatory riders.

During the production process, experienced craftsmen sequentially place the springs, spread, bind and insulate different material layers. Later the mattress is compressed under high pressure and sewed through with heavy-duty woollen threads, after which they are fixated in place with a decorative boutonnière. No automated machine production, only an individual approach towards every single mattress.

Premium Grether & Wells collection is a combination of traditional craft techniques, the best natural materials and advanced modern technologies.

Grether & Wells is a luxurious, high-profile collection for successful people, who are used to investing in what is truly valuable - in their own health and premium comfort.

Grether & Wells GENESIS is a luxury representative of the American elite medium-soft class mattress collection. The mattress combines two important parameters at once: the high-quality of Grether & Wells premium mattresses and the functionality necessary for the operation of the transformable bed frame. The independent anatomical MiniPocket Adaptive technology spring system repeats its every move while maintaining optimal pointwise spinal support.

GENESIS mattress features:
upper comfort layer:
- exclusive Belgian knitted fabric;
- high-volume cotton linen;
the base:
- MiniPocket Adaptive technology anatomical spring system;
- upper layer - natural latex with the 7-zone spinal support function;
- lower layer - shape cut Comfort Foam with Airflow technology.

The advantages of the GENESIS mattress:
- artistic handwork;
- perfectly compatible with a transformable bed frame;
- pleasant grey colour;
- medium-soft firmness level;
- Turn Free technology eliminates the possibility of deformation;
- has been successfully tested in a laboratory;
- Extended mattress durability up to 30 years, when purchased with a protective cover *

Grether & Wells GENESIS mattress - American dream in your everyday reality!

* The extended service life is only valid if the mattress is used with a protective cover purchased from Askona (except for the round mattresses and non-standard sizes, for which it is not possible to choose a protective cover), which ensures the complete safety of the mattress from dirt and leaks.

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Εξαιρετικό στρώμα, όσο χρειάζεται απαλό, άνετο όταν κοιμάμαι στο πλάι, το χέρι δεν μουδιάζει. Μαζί με το στρώμα παρήγγειλα και μαξιλάρι Alpha, με χαροποίησε επίσης, συνδυάζεται τέλεια με το στρώμα.

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Materials and design

Natural latex

A porous, resilient, durable material. Produced from the foamed sap of the Hevea rubber tree. It is thermally stable and antiseptic.

Belgian Knitwear

The material is extraordinarily pleasant to the touch and belongs to the luxury class. Characterized by good air permeability. Provides comfortable body temperature during sleep. Controls the process of moisture evaporation.

Cotton felt

White cotton felt is an insulating layer that protects the comfort layers from abrasion by the spring unit. Contributes to the proper distribution of the load. Allows to noticeably prolong the service life of the mattress.

Comfort Foam with Airflow technology

Ensures proper air microcirculation and promotes maximum comfort by dissipating body heat quickly and efficiently

MiniPocket 55mm high independent spring unit

A unique "pocket" system that is characterised by its low height and improved ergonomic properties. Ultimate elasticity that contributes to perfect comfort.

Mattress Grether&Wells Genesis


Size: 140x200

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